5 Reasons to Choose Self Catering Accommodation

If you’re a traveller who prefers doing things at your own pace, then you might just find that self catering accommodation offers a lot more advantage than the more traditional catered options out there when it comes to planning a trip to the Fairest Cape.

Many will remember holidays as kids, staying at holiday houses where everyone chips in to do the cooking. The new generation of self catered establishments has come a long way since those comfy (but not always very stylish) cabins, with plenty to entice even the most discerning of guests.

Why should you consider self catering accommodation in Cape Town though? Keep reading to find out…

Why Consider Self Catering Accommodation in Cape Town?

Compared to catered options such as hotels and guest houses, or even lodges, the self catering accommodation in Cape Town selection leans more towards convenience and flexibility. These are the ‘lock up and go’ type apartments, villas, cottages and other free standing establishments, that function much like a home away from home. That is of course, if your home is ultra-luxurious and fully equipped with the very latest facilities.

Here are some very good reasons you may want to choose this option for your next trip…

  1. Convenience – other than arrival and departure check-in times, there are no curfews or other limitations to worry about. Instead, you can come and go as you please.
  2. Privacy – as the majority of these establishments are fully freestanding and booked for private use, you will have the place all to yourself too. This is great if you’re looking for some peace and quiet by the pool.
  3. Security – nearly all villas are secure and well managed, with armed response and/or alarm systems in place, as well as safe parking if you are hiring a car during your stay.
  4. Variety – whether you need something spacious for a family holiday, or a small compact apartment for you and your partner, there is plenty of variety on offer.
  5. Facilities – these establishments are fitted with all the latest gadgets, features and other amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. The more luxury, the more chance to relax and unwind!

Remember to browse around and carefully consider what your primary needs are when choosing your final place to stay. If you need any further advice on choosing the right self catering accommodation in Cape Town, give us a shout and we’d be happy to help get you started.

January brings a quieter Cape Town to residents.

Now that the festive season is over, life returns to a familiar hum of normality. The tourists return home and the hotspots along our coastline are no longer brimming with visitors. As the school holidays wind down too, our daily routines and familiar scenes once again become the norm.

Atlantic Seaboard

Don’t let the end of the festive season get you down though, as one of the best ways to combat stress during the working year, is to ensure that you get enough rest and enjoy life to the fullest.

Perhaps one way to make sure you remain calm as you tackle the demands of 2013 is to plan little adventures or weekends away with your family and friends. With the beaches cleared of crowds, you can look forward to spending the remaining summer weekends playing volleyball or relaxing with a cocktail whilst soaking up some sunshine. Destinations favoured by tourists over the festive season, like Camps Bay and Clifton will be easier to reach and quieter to visit.

You could also enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Sea Point Promenade, which runs from Mouille Point to Bantry Bay. If you’re keen to work off a few of the festive kilograms, turn your sunset walk into a jog or run. You’ll be treated to beautiful sunset scenes along the way.

Very soon, the out of season rates will apply for accommodation across the province, making it even cheaper to take a little holiday with your family and friends. Keep a look out for out of season rates for Villas and Apartments across the province!

Don’t let the end of the holidays get you down – the Western Cape is a province to be explored – so enjoy it!

Photo from wisewheels.co.za