See the New Year in with your family in Cape Town

How you celebrate New Year’s Eve is often regarded as the way you’ll spend the rest of the year ahead. New Year’s Eve is a great occasion to reflect upon the year gone by and enjoy some time with family and friends.

Spending New Year’s Eve in Cape Town is a memorable way to usher in the coming year but, if you’re not keen on nightclubs or street parties, you can hire a Cape Town Villa to host your own party at.

Cape Town Villas pride themselves on being family-friendly establishments, suitable for accommodating a large number of guests. Most Villas have large dining areas, able to cater for a larger group of guests. Alternatively, you can rent a Cape Town Villa for a group holiday and enjoy an extended year-end break!

There are a number of benefits to hosting your New Years Eve celebration at a Cape Town Villa. Not only will you avoid the crowds at public New Years Eve parties but you’ll also be able to enjoy only the music you love. Appoint a friend or family member as resident DJ for the night, and dance the night away with your loved ones.

Hositng your New Years Eve party at a Cape Town Villa also means you can enjoy a family-friendly celebration, and you won’t need a babysitter for the kids. Children love to celebrate special times with their parents and loved ones, so why shouldn’t they? By having a family oriented celebration at your Cape Town Villa, you’ll save yourself the expense of a babysitter and see the New Year in with your precious children.

The menu and mealtime is all up to you when hosting your own New Years Eve party at a Cape Town Villa. You can enjoy a fabulous meal, or a lazy braai with friends and family whilst ushering in the New Year. Many Cape Town Villas offer an optional cleaning service, so you may be able to save yourself from cleaning up too.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of any New Years’ Eve party is the venue. By hosting your own at a Cape Town Villa, you can rest assured that your family and guests will unwind and celebrate in some of the most gorgeous holiday homes in the Western Cape. Most Cape Town Villas offer you stunning views of Table Mountain or even the deep blue oceans. Cape Town Villas make perfect venues for your New Years Eve party!

Book your holiday accommodation at a Cape Town Villa and enjoy a New Years’ Eve to remember.

Book a Cape Town Villa for the perfect family holiday!

With the year-end holidays drawing ever closer, it’s time to firm up your holiday arrangements, and look forward to some relaxing family time.

Booking your family holiday can be a tight squeeze on both your budget and your holiday dreams. Booking a Cape Town Villa for your family holiday will eliminate both those elements, as Cape Town Villas provide you with everything you need for a picture-perfect family holiday.

Space is often a primary concern when it comes to booking your family holiday home. A hotel can often be quite cramped, and family hotel rooms often leave very little space for privacy or quiet. By booking your family into a Cape Town Villa, you’ll be able to enjoy the same – or more! – amount of space that you have at home, and relax in comfort.

Your family holiday budget can be a little stretched at times. By booking a Cape Town Villa for your family holiday though, you’ll have less to worry about when looking at your wallet. Staying at a self-catering villa will save you a bundle in comparison to booking into an expensive hotel.

People love their creature comforts. Whether it’s your favourite pillow or your kid’s favourite teddy bear, you’ll be able to take along whatever you need for your family holiday. A holiday at a Cape Town Villa will provide you with ample space and opportunity to take along the most important things in your life.

Holidays are a special time, made for relaxing and enjoying quality time with family and friends. But, having to deal with crowds and other guests in a hotel can severely impede your relaxation. By staying at a Cape Town Villa, you’ll be assured of privacy and be able to enjoy your holiday without having anyone you don’t want in your space.

Staying at a Cape Town Villa for your family holidays has other great benefits too! You’ll be able to enjoy relaxed and lazy family lunches, without worrying about being moved on quickly from a busy restaurant. Many Cape Town Villas pride themselves on their entertainment and dining areas so, having friends over for dinner is a lovely way to spend your holiday evenings.

Book your family holiday at a Cape Town Villa and enjoy true relaxation with your loved ones.