January brings a quieter Cape Town to residents.

Now that the festive season is over, life returns to a familiar hum of normality. The tourists return home and the hotspots along our coastline are no longer brimming with visitors. As the school holidays wind down too, our daily routines and familiar scenes once again become the norm.

Atlantic Seaboard

Don’t let the end of the festive season get you down though, as one of the best ways to combat stress during the working year, is to ensure that you get enough rest and enjoy life to the fullest.

Perhaps one way to make sure you remain calm as you tackle the demands of 2013 is to plan little adventures or weekends away with your family and friends. With the beaches cleared of crowds, you can look forward to spending the remaining summer weekends playing volleyball or relaxing with a cocktail whilst soaking up some sunshine. Destinations favoured by tourists over the festive season, like Camps Bay and Clifton will be easier to reach and quieter to visit.

You could also enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Sea Point Promenade, which runs from Mouille Point to Bantry Bay. If you’re keen to work off a few of the festive kilograms, turn your sunset walk into a jog or run. You’ll be treated to beautiful sunset scenes along the way.

Very soon, the out of season rates will apply for accommodation across the province, making it even cheaper to take a little holiday with your family and friends. Keep a look out for out of season rates for Villas and Apartments across the province!

Don’t let the end of the holidays get you down – the Western Cape is a province to be explored – so enjoy it!

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See the New Year in with your family in Cape Town

How you celebrate New Year’s Eve is often regarded as the way you’ll spend the rest of the year ahead. New Year’s Eve is a great occasion to reflect upon the year gone by and enjoy some time with family and friends.

Spending New Year’s Eve in Cape Town is a memorable way to usher in the coming year but, if you’re not keen on nightclubs or street parties, you can hire a Cape Town Villa to host your own party at.

Cape Town Villas pride themselves on being family-friendly establishments, suitable for accommodating a large number of guests. Most Villas have large dining areas, able to cater for a larger group of guests. Alternatively, you can rent a Cape Town Villa for a group holiday and enjoy an extended year-end break!

There are a number of benefits to hosting your New Years Eve celebration at a Cape Town Villa. Not only will you avoid the crowds at public New Years Eve parties but you’ll also be able to enjoy only the music you love. Appoint a friend or family member as resident DJ for the night, and dance the night away with your loved ones.

Hositng your New Years Eve party at a Cape Town Villa also means you can enjoy a family-friendly celebration, and you won’t need a babysitter for the kids. Children love to celebrate special times with their parents and loved ones, so why shouldn’t they? By having a family oriented celebration at your Cape Town Villa, you’ll save yourself the expense of a babysitter and see the New Year in with your precious children.

The menu and mealtime is all up to you when hosting your own New Years Eve party at a Cape Town Villa. You can enjoy a fabulous meal, or a lazy braai with friends and family whilst ushering in the New Year. Many Cape Town Villas offer an optional cleaning service, so you may be able to save yourself from cleaning up too.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of any New Years’ Eve party is the venue. By hosting your own at a Cape Town Villa, you can rest assured that your family and guests will unwind and celebrate in some of the most gorgeous holiday homes in the Western Cape. Most Cape Town Villas offer you stunning views of Table Mountain or even the deep blue oceans. Cape Town Villas make perfect venues for your New Years Eve party!

Book your holiday accommodation at a Cape Town Villa and enjoy a New Years’ Eve to remember.