Vote For Table Mountain

vote for table mountain


Table Mountain is one of 28 natural attractions on the New7Wonders of Nature shortlist, which will be announced on November 11, 2011. Table Mountain deserves this recognition, but needs your help in order to achieve it.

An independent impact report, conducted by Grant Thornton, a leading tourism hospitality and leisure research company, predicts that Cape Town’s economy would be boosted by around R1.4-billion for the year if Table Mountain becomes a New7Wonder of Nature.

How you can get involved

These New7Wonders of Nature will be selected purely on public votes, which is where you come in. You can vote online for free and for just R2, you can SMS “Table” to 34874 to cast your vote. You may SMS as often as you like.

(Cape Town Tourism – Live it, Love it)

The Beautiful Month Of June

Winter is fast approaching and we are almost in the month of June, which means that we are already half the way through the year!

June is a very special month at Cape Villa Collection as we have have two birthdays to celebrate – Nicky and Cheryl-Ann!!

The month of June also brings about long cold wintery days and nights – spent in front of a blazing fireplace or just enjoying the perfect winter days that Cape Town has to offer.

If you are thinking of getting away for a few days during the month of June, Beachside Villa and Penthouse in Camps Bays is offering incredible winter rates, that will be valid until the end of September 2011:

Beachside Penthouse: R2,190.00 per night for the 3 bedroomed penthouse.

Beachside Villa: R3,190.00 per night for the 5 bedroomed villa.

Terms and conditions do apply.