Finding Whales in Cape Town

Where are the whales and how do you find them?  Join the “Cape Peninsula Whale & Dolphin Sightings” group on the ‘Telegram’ app.

Sightings and locations are posted throughout the day by over 500 whale watchers, so you can head straight to the nearest spot to enjoy the show or wait for them to pass in front of your villa!  Humpbacks, Southern Right and a variety of dolphins can be seen along the coast on an almost daily basis. If you’re lucky, the resident Killer whales, Port and Starboard; a pair of adult male orcas that prey on great white sharks. They each have a rare and distinct collapsed dorsal fin and are named for the nautical terms, as Port’s fin collapses left and Starboard’s collapses right.

Link to whale sighting groups:

The perfect Collection of Villas for watching the whales pass by

Whales enjoying the Cape Town Spring

Chapman’s Peak, Noordhoek: A Haven for Unforgettable Family Holidays

Nestled along the picturesque Cape Peninsula in South Africa, and under the shadow of the famous Chapman’s Peak, Noordhoek awaits after an jaw-dropping Chapman’s Peak drive, promising families an unforgettable holiday. Natural beauty combined with family-friendly activities, making it the ideal destination for your next getaway.

Pristine Beaches: Pristine and uncrowded – let your children build sandcastles, ride horses along the shoreline, or frolic in the gentle waves. Bask in the sun and relish the tranquility with Mountain views abound.

Nature Adventures: Nature-loving families will adore Noordhoek. Explore the breathtaking Chapman’s Peak Drive, hike through the enchanting Silvermine Nature Reserve, or enjoy a leisurely stroll, with the kids at play, through the fields and forest of the Noordhoek Common.

Quality Accommodation: Our Noordhoek Collection provides a range of family-friendly accommodation, from comfortable private houses to spacious beachfront villas. Your family will feel right at home in this welcoming village.

Cultural Encounters: Immerse yourself in local culture at The Noordhoek Farm Village and The Cape Point Vineyards Market, where gourmet food, wine, and live music create perfect family evenings.

Noordhoek beckons families to make cherished memories amidst stunning landscapes and warm hospitality. Pack your bags and embark on a family adventure that will leave you yearning for more in this captivating corner of the Cape Peninsula.