Beachfront Villas in Winter – Another Side to Cape Town’s Beauty

Beachfront villas in Cape Town are always in demand, but for most visitors, these establishments seem to be designed for the hot summer months. After all, isn’t summer when beaches are supposed to be at their best?

Actually, when it comes to its world famous beaches and the sheer variety of Cape Town beachfront villas, you might just be surprised by how much the cooler season has to offer in the way of fun, scenery and charm…

Why Consider Cape Town Beachfront Villas in Winter?

For the northern hemisphere, winter is a time of gloom and doom. Snow, rain, sleet, frost and months upon months of bleak days are all par for the course. The southern hemisphere however experiences a different type of winter. These winters fall in the middle of the year, and in the case of Cape Town, many have even compared this season to northern hemisphere summers!

So what does this mean for those who might be considering a winter break in this part of the world? Here are a few reasons that hiring a beachfront villa in Cape Town during winter may offer a whole new side to the city’s charms.

  1. Plenty of warm days – even at the height of winter, you can still enjoy a marvellously warm day here and there. It is not unusual to have hot days after a week of cooler days, and even the coldest days seldom have temps below 20 degrees Celsius or so.
  2. Incredible scenery – if you have ever witnessed a winter sunset over the ocean, you might have some idea of what to expect from nature during this time of year. The countryside plays along very nicely too in other landscapes, with fresh green fields, towering trees and plenty of other Instagram-worthy sights to take in as well.
  3. Lots to do – winter is packed with things to see and do, from wine tasting to outdoor adventures, festivals, live music shows, comedy nights, the legendary Cape Town Winter Restaurant Specials, pub quizzes at Long Street bars and plenty more besides. Rates are discounted too, making it an affordable time to travel.

As the final cherry on top of the proverbial cake, villas are also fully equipped with luxurious touches to keep you warm and toasty, from fireplaces to luscious blankets, spa bathrooms and even heated pools, depending on where you plan to stay. Take a look at our glorious beachfront villas in Cape Town to find your favourite!

5 Reasons to Choose Self Catering Accommodation

If you’re a traveller who prefers doing things at your own pace, then you might just find that self catering accommodation offers a lot more advantage than the more traditional catered options out there when it comes to planning a trip to the Fairest Cape.

Many will remember holidays as kids, staying at holiday houses where everyone chips in to do the cooking. The new generation of self catered establishments has come a long way since those comfy (but not always very stylish) cabins, with plenty to entice even the most discerning of guests.

Why should you consider self catering accommodation in Cape Town though? Keep reading to find out…

Why Consider Self Catering Accommodation in Cape Town?

Compared to catered options such as hotels and guest houses, or even lodges, the self catering accommodation in Cape Town selection leans more towards convenience and flexibility. These are the ‘lock up and go’ type apartments, villas, cottages and other free standing establishments, that function much like a home away from home. That is of course, if your home is ultra-luxurious and fully equipped with the very latest facilities.

Here are some very good reasons you may want to choose this option for your next trip…

  1. Convenience – other than arrival and departure check-in times, there are no curfews or other limitations to worry about. Instead, you can come and go as you please.
  2. Privacy – as the majority of these establishments are fully freestanding and booked for private use, you will have the place all to yourself too. This is great if you’re looking for some peace and quiet by the pool.
  3. Security – nearly all villas are secure and well managed, with armed response and/or alarm systems in place, as well as safe parking if you are hiring a car during your stay.
  4. Variety – whether you need something spacious for a family holiday, or a small compact apartment for you and your partner, there is plenty of variety on offer.
  5. Facilities – these establishments are fitted with all the latest gadgets, features and other amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. The more luxury, the more chance to relax and unwind!

Remember to browse around and carefully consider what your primary needs are when choosing your final place to stay. If you need any further advice on choosing the right self catering accommodation in Cape Town, give us a shout and we’d be happy to help get you started.