4 Easy Tips for a Crystal Clear Pool

A crystal clear and inviting pool is everything to a holiday guest. It might look blue, but it can turn very quickly if it’s not balanced.

A Stable Clean Pool: Is blue, is clear, is balanced, and has recently had a backwash.

1. The sun is your biggest enemy: If you can cover it, cover it. Nothing can grow without the sun and you save loads of water, chemicals and electricity.

2. Alkalinity and PH must be spot on: You can get a clear blue pool without it, but not for long. Check your alkalinity at least a week before guests arrive. Ensure it is around 100 ppm. The blue box tester kit is best (see image below – R100 at checkers). Do the PH separately. Both of these are fairly stable and their levels should be adjusted slowly to get them right. They both allow the chlorine to work well. Alkalinity is often forgotten by pool cleaners!

3. Chlorine: Have a floater and check the levels. Top it up if need be. It’s a big waste of chemicals if your alkalinity is not right or your pool is too acidic.

4. Backwash: At least once a week, for two weeks preceding guest arrival. This is often the main cause of problems. Save the water if you can. This is often forgotten by pool services.

Some Rules of Thumb:

  • If the sun is shining, your pump should be running (if not covered). Set your timer accordingly.
  • High acid levels = crystal clear, sore eyes, erosion of pool surfaces and high chlorine usage
  • Low acid = a little unclear, always a little green
  • Low Alkalinity = a little unclear, always a little green
  • Brush the walls and floors weekly
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