Scarborough: Experience the Magic!

When you book a getaway in one of our villas in Scarborough, you’ve discovered the secret recipe to making your holiday moments last forever.

Time stands still

Time stands still in this beautiful conservation village on the Cape Peninsula – where morning traffic is made up of surfers heading down to catch the waves, the only light at night is from the moon and stars, and where you’ll probably get a puzzled silence from your phone if you try to order Uber Eats.

Immerse yourself in the magic

Holidays spent in Scarborough are all about immersion in the local lifestyle. Stroll up the road to Whole Earth Café for a delicious flapjack stack. If you don’t feel like sitting for a coffee, there’s a convenient take-away café at The Village Hub, where you can watch cyclists whizz by in training for the Cape Town Cycle Tour.

The Village Hub

While you’re there, have a look at the handcrafted wooden bikes made by local surfer and bike creator, David Stubbs. Stock up on artisanal sourdough bread and fresh organic salads for lunch later. Eavesdrop on the locals swopping tips on where to find the best waves, then head down to the breathtakingly gorgeous beach. It’s never crowded and there’s always parking. Soak up the spectacular views towards Misty Cliffs, while the kids delight in the sea life of the rock pools.

Mo’s Bric-a-Brac shop

Wander across the road from the beach to Mo’s Bric-a-Brac shop. You’ll find the rickety wooden garden gate ajar. At the door, there’s a big brass bell suspended from the ceiling.

Pull the string and as the chime resounds in the depths of the house, a petite older lady emerges. Her shop is just what it says it is, full of odds and ends: old silver-plated tea sets, creepy looking dolls and hand knitted children’s jerseys, and  jars of golden honey from a farm in Piketberg.

As you say your goodbyes, Mo leans against the top of her stable door and smiles. The sun creates a halo effect against her wizened cheeks and for a moment, she looks like a kindly angel.

Lots of fun things to do

Choose between immersing yourself in a wildly delicious beach foraging experience with locals Veld and Sea, feasting on delicious seafood platters or listening to jazz and tucking in to a Sunday fish braai at the Camel Rock, or learning how residents are keeping Scarborough pristine and wildlife-friendly.

This magical location is fantastic for relaxing and recharging. You’ll want to bottle the scent of the salty air as the sun warms the sand beneath your feet.


An excerpt from a poem by Hal Shaper

At Scarborough they do not keep the time

by clock or watch or any measurement we know

At Scarborough they do not keep the time at all

they let it go

And there they measure out the drift of days

in moments that become the aftertaste of memories…

of children and the sound of dogs

And tidal pools

and every year the sight of whales

And sky and wind and waves that whisper tales…’

(Hal Shaper was a SA songwriter and Scarborough resident who spent much of his musical career in London writing for artists like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand and David Bowie.)

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