Exciting News

We have engaged in an exciting new development in our business. We have joined forces with Cape Holiday Lets. Cape Holiday Lets has for 7 years been a professional and reputable Holiday Rental Agency.

We believe that the collective expertise and resources of our two companies will gain significant efficiencies and benefits to all of our partners in travel. Together, we will ensure that we deliver a quality service to our homeowners, property managers, agents and guests.

We now share offices, which are at Imhoff Farm on Kommetjie Road, please feel welcome to pay us a visit!

- Change is necessary in life, to keep us moving, to keep us growing, to keep us interested! -

5 Good Reasons to Book Your Cape Town Holiday Accommodation Early

As the southern hemisphere begins its shift from spring to summer, travellers from all over the world are starting to snap up Cape Town holiday accommodation in preparation for a memorable holiday.

If you haven’t begun your own travel plans, you are still not too late however – now is just the right time to decide where you want to stay for that much-needed holiday!

Still not convinced that the early bird catches the worm? Here are some very good reasons that getting in there a few months early will go a long way in scoring that fabulous villa overlooking Camps Bay beach…

Why Planning is Essential When Finding Your Perfect Holiday Villa in Cape Town

There’s no doubt that planning any sort of trip is far less fun than it should be. From getting all the admin sorted – visas, passport renewals, flight tickets – to getting the boss to grant you that leave you’ve waited to claim all year, finding the right place to stay is just another task in a huge list full of tasks.

The search itself is exciting of course – going through pages of amazing looking Cape Town villas and daydreaming about sipping a cold drink on a balcony is a taste of things to come. All too often though, the place you really (really) want is already booked. Or, there is nothing in your budget during the week you plan to be in the city. Or, everything just seems too expensive, too far away, too fancy, too small – even too much, after a few hours of searching.

Feeling tired just thinking about all of that? I don’t blame you – it’s not a fun thought at all. Hold on to that thought though, while you have a look at these reasons to think about planning ahead this year…

  1. All the best villas get taken early. Some visitors book their accommodation a full year in advance. Others begin to book now in the few months that lead up to the busy time of year. From December to February, the majority of establishments are booked up, leaving the most expensive along with the least lovely of options for the ‘late comers’.
  2. You may have to stay in a different area. Camps Bay is the most popular area for accommodation, followed closely by Clifton and the Waterfront. While it’s not such a bad thing to try another area (all of Cape Town has much to offer after all), booking earlier gives you dibs on the hottest suburbs of them all for your holiday.
  3. Your stress levels will go into overdrive. You know what it’s like when last-minute plans arise and you need to find a suitable Plan B at short notice. This happens at work, home, in social lives and in many other instances too. Having this happen with your much-anticipated holiday however is not very good from a stress point of view though – unless you really can’t avoid leaving things late of course.
  4. You can get on with the fun things. Once the final plans have been sorted, all you really need to do is the packing, saving and daydreaming. Have a look to see what sort of tours, adventures, activities and sights can be seen in Cape Town and surrounds, and you will begin to get even more excited for your trip ahead.
  5. You can start your New Year’s resolutions early. Remember last year when you made that resolution about making this an organised year? This year, don’t wait for resolution time – get organised right now, and you will be way ahead of your fellow resolution-makers for a change.

Sometimes in life, things happen that we don’t expect. Even the best laid plans go awry, as the saying goes. If worse comes to worst, we are here to help you find your ideal Cape Town holiday villa even if you are only able to book later!