Trees for Tourism

A new initiative, Trees for Tourism (TfT) has been introduced for tourists, tourism operators and other companies and institutions affiliated with the tourism industry in South Africa, to counter-balance their tourism-related footprint.This incredible idea was launched a Indaba 2011 to help counteract our carbon footprint! For just R95 you can help save our precious planet!

TfT facilitates the ‘purchase’ by tourists and tourism-related companies of indigenous trees, to be planted in appropriate areas to recreate forest eco-systems.
By increasing the surface area of existing indigenous forests, the initiative aims to help restore the Cape’s biodiversity while countering the effects of climate change.
TfT has selected Platbos Conservation Trust as the operator for the selection and preparation of appropriate re-forestation sites, planting of trees and decade-long maintenance of the sites to protect the juvenile forests from fire and re-encroachment by alien invasive vegetation.
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(Courtesy of Tourism Update)

Our Amazing Country – South Africa

We are so privileged to be South African!!!

On Monday we had the chance to celebrate another birthday with one of the most incredible men in history – our Tata, Nelson Mandela!! Almost every school in South Africa sang Happy Birthday to him at exactly 08:05!! What an amazing achievement! Hopefully it will make it into the Guinness Book of World Records!

This weekend that has just past, Franschhoek put on an incredible event that did not fail to impress – The Bastille Day Festival! The town was lively, vibrant and well equipped to handle the crowds! The weather was absolutely perfect – Franschhoek could not have wished for better! I will definitely be visiting this festival next year!

Last week we were very spoilt and spent the day out with Proxima Shuttle and Tours who whisked us off on an incredible wine tour!! Again the weather played its part! We started off at JC Le Roux in Stellenbosch – what a treat! This sparkling wine tasting comes highly recommended! You can choose from pairing the sparkling wine with marshmallows, meringue or nougat – a very interesting combination! I could have spent the whole day there! We continued on our travels and stopped at Fairview for cheese and wine tasting and lunch! I would highly recommend Fairview to all cheese lovers!! The variety of cheeses were incredible and very reasonably priced!

What a wonderful day spent out and about in our beautiful city! Cape Town has so much to offer – from the mountains, to the beaches, to the wine farms, to wonderful shopping experiences and for the more adventurous our wonderful topless bus tours. The list is endless………