Villas in Llandudno

Just a few kilometres away from the buzz of central Cape Town lies Llandudno. Accessible by only one road, Llandudno is an upmarket and tranquil suburb that prides itself on being a true retreat from the commercial world. There are no restaurants or shops within the suburb but a quick hop across to Hout Bay is all you need to pick up a few essentials for your holiday. With it’s unspoiled beach and guarantee of serene atmosphere, you may never want to leave Llandudno.

Provencal Cottage in Llandudno is a magnificent retreat for a romantic holiday. Accommodating just two people, this quaint cottage boasts magnificent mountain views and ultimate privacy for couples. The covered patio is the perfect place for a quiet drink after a cosy dinner.

Provencal Cottage Llandudno

Villa 002 is an elegantly appointed and beautifully decorated luxury holiday destination that can accommodate up to twelve people. Blending comfort and technology, the Villa’s home automation system has fingertip controls for lights, music and other modern conveniences. Each of the six suites have mountain views and have their own bathrooms. There is also a deck, heated pool and steam room.

Peartree Villa Llandudno

Villa Andacasa offers luxury, quality and comfort along with unbeatable views of Llandudno beach. Three of the bedrooms on the upper levels of the Villa offer wonderful views of Llandudno beach and the Cape coastline from their private balconies, whilst the lounge is a wonderful spot to enjoy the wonderful sea views. With a fully equipped designer kitchen and a classical dining room, this Villa is a marvellous getaway choice.

Villa Andacasa

Escape to Llandudno and enjoy a truly peaceful holiday.

Book your winter holiday at a Villa in the Western Cape

Imagine curling up in front of a toasty fire with a good book, a warm blanket and a big mug of hot chocolate. If that’s your idea of a great way to spend your winter holiday, then you should definitely be choosing a Villa in the Western Cape!

Winter is a time for hearty feasts and quiet evenings indoors with the family. There’s no better way to spend your winter vacation than at a beautiful Villa in the Western Cape.

Villa in the Western Cape

There are three distinctive letting seasons in the Western Cape tourism industry. Peak season, which runs from mid-December to mid-January, is usually the busiest time of the year. Multitudes of holiday makers travel to the Western Cape to enjoy summer by the seaside. It can be a crowded and expensive holiday period to spend in the Western Cape. Longer-term bookings are expected by establishments and often it’s impossible to obtain a booking on the spot. A spontaneous summer holiday can be rather costly!

High season runs from mid-January to the end of April and again from the beginning of October to mid-December. Whilst it is usually quieter and cheaper to take a holiday during this time, longer-term bookings are still expected and it can still be quite costly to enjoy a vacation over this period.

Winter holiday at a Villa in the Western Cape

Low season runs through winter and is generally regarded as beginning in May and ending on 30th September. During this time, short-term bookings are accepted and villa rental costs are low or easily negotiable. It’s the perfect time to escape the hubbub of your busy life, relax and figuratively hibernate for the holidays. You can also look forward to lower flight prices and other travel costs. With the usual crowds of holiday makers not being around, it’s also easier to access holiday spots, entertainment areas and other points of interest. You’ll be able to get the best seats at a restaurant and spend more relaxing.

Take a few days off work, make a long weekend of it and enjoy a winter holiday at a Villa in the Western Cape.