Escape to Scarborough

The quiet and colourful village of Scarborough lies just beyond Kommetjie in the Western Cape, and is situated along the Atlantic Seaboard. Picturesque and pleasant, Scarborough is the perfect little town and was designated as a conservation village in 1996. Surrounded by a conserved natural landscape and committed to preventing environmental degradation, Scarborough’s amiable residents and atmosphere make it a friendly town.

Holiday and residential property in Scarborough are in high demand, and accommodation can be hard to come by. Lucky holidaymakers will, however, find themselves ensconced in relaxed holiday homes and spacious beach bungalows.

Whilst Scarborough is a tranquil town, it’s not too far away from the necessary amenities. A few restaurants and shops are dotted around the village and a short drive will get you to Kommetjie, Simonstown, Noordhoek and Fish Hoek.

A nature-lover’s dream, Scarborough is home to one of the peninsula’s most beautiful and unspoilt beaches. With lots of room for sunbathing, the beach is also popular with watersports fanatics. Scarborough beach is a great spot for bodyboarding, kayaking, windsurfing and surfing. Kite surfing is also allowed, as the beach is big enough to manouevre around. Fishing is also a favourite pursuit but permits are required as the area is part of a marine protected area.

Swimming can be a little treacherous at Scarborough beach due to rip currents but lifeguards are on duty during the summer months. During the cooler months, Scarborough is a quiet and cosy spot to escape to, whilst the summer months can get quite busy with tourists and visitors. Scarborough beach is a wonderful place to enjoy a lazy family picnic. Avid whale watchers may also spot these beautiful creatures at play during whale watching season.

With breathtaking mountain landscapes, idyllic ocean views and interesting sights, Scarborough is a true retreat from the craziness of our daily lives.

Family holidays in Llandudno

If you’re looking for a tranquil holiday destination, you can’t go wrong with Llandudno. With no shops or commercial activities, Llandudno truly lets you get away from it all, whilst remaining conveniently close to amenities and entertainment.

A mountain village that ends at the ocean’s edge, Llandudno is home to some of the most expensive residential properties in South Africa. Nestled in an idyllic cove, Llandudno promises you a true respite from your busy life, surrounded by scenic mountain and ocean views.

Aerial view of Llandudno

Llandudno beach is an unspoilt, beautiful stretch of the coastline, surrounded by boulders. Whilst surfers favour this beach, the rough and cold seas are not conducive to swimming. Lifeguards are, however, on duty during the busy holiday seasons.

Residents are fiercely protective of this little haven from the world, and rightly so. With the focus on relaxation, Llandudno is a great place for suntanning and beach sports.

A long and lazy family picnic on the beach is also a great way to spend the day. You’ll be able to enjoy some beach volleyball or soccer and look forward to relaxing on an uncrowded beach. Only a small amount of parking spots are available so overcrowding is not a common occurrence.

Due to the small size of Llandudno, the beach is almost always close by, and if you need to shop or eat out, it’s just a short drive to Hout Bay and other suburbs. Llandudno has only one access road which easily preserves the quiet atmosphere, guaranteeing you a peaceful holiday.

Llandudno View

With larger holiday properties on offer, escaping to Llandudno with the kids and extended family is easy. Accommodation in Llandudno is primarily made up of luxurious villas and beach cottages. With sprawling lawns, exquisite décor and stunning views, properties in Llandudno are in high demand, especially over holiday seasons. Make sure you book your holiday home in Llandudno early to avoid missing out on this delicious escape from the demands of life.